Friday, March 30, 2012

Gordon Ramsay - London, UK

Gordon Ramsay! During my recent spring break trip to the United Kingdom, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay was the only "must-go" request I had and it was definitely the highlight of my trip.  After all, how many chefs got OBE from the Queen? Located in a rather chic neighborhood, one would not notice the restaurant if you weren't looking.

The dining room was clean and bright, perfect for lunch with a couple of friends.  We were seated near the windows as the manager joking said "overlooking our tiny garden".  Since we were there all the way from another continent, we went with the tasting menu to try all the chef's famous creations.  The seven-course meal included foie gras, veal sweetbread with almond veloute (my three favorite ingredients), a lobster ravioli, halibut with the most fragrant broth, lamb with confit breast and braised shank, a mango, jasmine, passion fruit soup (more like a smoothie), prune creme brulee with granny smith apple juice and lemonade parfait with sheep's milk yoghurt sorbet (see menu below for details).  It ended with the signature Gordon Ramsay petit four. Paired with some wine, it was the most delightful lunch thus far.

Restaurant Information:
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay
68 Royal Hospital Road, London SW3 4HP, United Kingdom