Monday, August 6, 2012

Not-so-simple Meal - Dumplings!

Ironically, I have been super "busy" with all the going to work routine ever since summer began.  And then in the blink of an eye came August.  I cannot believe that I am a little excited to get back to my work-school routine, so much more relaxing and flexible.

Anyway, I have wanted to try to make dumplings after my mother's visit earlier this year but have always put them off because I don't have time. I have always considered myself a very "practical" chef, simple yet delicious is my philosophy.  The rest? Leave it to my quite frequent restaurant visits.  It turned out that I was so pleased with my first batch that I started making my second and third within one week. So here I am, making dumplings in the middle of my busy work-sleep-work routine this summer. 

Ingredients: minced pork (or beef or lamb for that matter), bok choy (or leek or scallion or your favorite green veggie), and dumpling wraps from a Chinese supermarket (someday I will make my own), one egg (or water)

1. It is best to marinate your minced pork overnight with a bit of soy sauce, dark soy sauce and cooking wine
2. Chop up veggies

3. Mix veggies with minced pork

4. Beat an egg as the "glue" for dumpling wrapping (or you can just use water)

5. And then I got stuck, I guess I assumed just by watching my mother made me good at wrapping dumplings. So I went on youtube for expert instruction (click here). And made my own instructioin sheet:

And tah-dahhh!! Feeling very accomplished!
 6. Bring water or broth to a boil, drop them in and serve after 5 minutes!
 7. Enjoy! Not only the eating, the wrapping is a good afternoon/evening activity too.  It gave me such a great sense of accomplishment that I almost called my mother and bragged about it!

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