Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yume Wo Katare - Cambridge, MA

The name Yume Wo Katare (夢を語れ) means talk about a dream.  Such a pretty name for a ramen shop.

It all begins when I heard from a friend who goes to Lesley University next door that there's this new ramen place with lines all the time.  We decided to give it a try last week when my friends and I overestimated ourselves by ordering the option with 5 pieces of pork.  Some of us even ordered "extra everything".  None of us finished everything in the bowl and we could barely walk out of the place (So uncomfortably stuffed that I had to leave a tip on Yelp telling people not to make the same mistake).

So when another friend suggested that we try the place out today.  I learned from my mistakes.  I ordered the 2-pieces of pork option with a little bit of extra vegetables and finally managed to enjoy the noodles. 

To summarize my visits: 
Tip 1: Order the 2 pieces of pork option on your first visit UNLESS you are known for eating a lot. 
Tip 2: Order extra vegetables (that will absorb some of the fattttt).
Tip 3: If you love garlic, definitely ask for extra garlic. The chef would even serve it on the side (It's free! and the garlic complements the soup perfectly!)
Tip 4: Also, we noticed the chef portioned the noodles based on gender/looks. If you are know your appetite is not as big as it seems, you might as well ask for less/more (see the pictures below!)
Tip 5: There's no vegetarian options.  If you are super health conscious, don't bother going, it's just not for you. 

 My 5-pieces pork noodles
My guy friend's 5-pieces pork noodles with extra vegetables (note the portion difference)

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