Monday, June 17, 2013

Poor Mr. Clock-Turned-Mirror

Hello Summer!  Summer is the time for home improvement right? Maybe I will come up with a project or two myself later.  Recently, it has been rhinestones and rhinestones and rhinestones for me.  And did I mention I sell my first item on Etsy? *clap clap clap* (Maybe I will share some products I made up here later!)

But today I am sharing a photo of my new decorative mirror.  It was a beautiful clock, as you can probably tell with the silver studs.  Poor Mr. Clock fell down from the wall last year and ended up with twisted arms.  He had to go through emergency surgery to remove his arms and replaced it with a new mirror face.  It took me a while to locate the right size mirror AND figure out how to glue it firmly enough (glue gun failed me so this is now glued with superglue for glass).  Now Mr. Clock-Turned-Mirror finds his purpose again!

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