Friday, October 14, 2011

City One Beverage - Shatin, Hong Kong

Friday is a time for a little nostalgia.  My friends often ask if there's anything that I particularly miss from Hong Kong since there are many Asian food in the states nowadays. It took me a while to realize how much I miss these waffle-like snacks called "egg puff" or "eggettes". It came in a lot of different flavors like original, chocolates, sesame coconut, etc. The good thing is, they can be found in a lot of street stands in Hong Kong and are quick and cheap to buy. Another great local snack is a modified version of waffles, a waffle sandwich, with butter, peanut butter, sweet condensed milk, and sugar inside. How can it be not good when all these good stuff are put together?

Throughout the years in Hong Kong, I have tried numerous stands that sell these traditional snacks, but my favorite has always been those from the City One Beverage. They always manage to get the crispiness on the outside and the soft and chewiness in the inside just right!

Restaurant Information:
City One Beverage
City One Plaza G65,
Shatin, Hong Kong

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