Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rainbow Cafe - Boston, MA

For people like me, living in a place so far away from home, finding a restaurant with homemade food such as that in the Rainbow Cafe is what makes survival in a new city possible. Rainbow Cafe is located in the heart of the Boston Chinatown.  An old couple owns the place with the wife being the main cook. Their whole family (including their children and grandchildren) are very friendly and a pleasure to talk to in general.

Some people might be scared away by its more than casual (and little bit messy) appearance. It also takes a lot longer for them to cook the food than other restaurants especially during busy lunch hours. However, they also have very special Chinese food that cannot be found elsewhere, such as oysters pancakes, medicinal herbal teas, and special types of rice noodle dishes.

Sadly, the old couple will be closing the restaurant after tomorrow (October 12) because the wife has a scheduled eye surgery and they are taking the chance to retire altogether. I am truly grateful for the times I have eaten here and there food will surely be missed. I hope there will be a good restaurant to replace the Rainbow Cafe soon. 

Restaurant Information:
60 Beach St
Boston, MA 02228

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